Today (11th January 2019) marks 5 years since Doctor Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) has joined the ED as a Specialist Registrar in Emergency Medicine. His first episode was titled ‘Bad timing’ an it aired on 11th January 2014.

A week after Ethan joined the ED he was joined by his brother Cal, the pair initially had a sibling rivalry due to their different upbringings with their adoptive parents. They resolved their issues after Cal saved Ethan from a mini bus collision where Ethan sustained serious injuries.
Cal and Ethan’s birth mother was admitted to the ED and diagnosed with pneumonia. It was discovered that she didn’t have long left to live. Her dying wish was to die peacefully (not in hospital) so Cal and Ethan stole an ambulance and they took her to Conleth Bay (An ole holiday location). It was there he discovered he had inherited Huntington Disease from his mother. Recent holby scenes saw Ethan get turned down for Gaskell’s trial.

Ethan has had several romantic liasons during his time at the ED with Lily Chao and Honey (who only dated him because he was a doctor) however his main love interest was and still remains to be Alicia Munroe, their romance has has had many complications, Cal also loved Alicia. Before Cal’s untimely death he gave Ethan his blessing to be with Alicia.

Cals character was killed off after being stabbed by Scott Ellisson whilst protecting Ethan who later found out that Scott had murdered Cal. Further episodes showed Scott being admitted to the ED where he goaded Ethan. Moments later Scott began to choke on his own vomit however Ethan walked off in shock and Scott passed away.

Recent episodes have seen Ethan deliver Scotts baby and tried to help the mother (Leigh-Anne Carr) due to his guilt over Scotts death. However he became too close to her.

At the same time he temporarily took over from Connie acting as Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine. However due to issues whilst he was in the role, he decided to go back to being a consultant and Connie returned soon after.

It’s been a rollercoaster five years for Ethan. Looking forward to seeing more of his upcoming storylines.