Today (April 14) marks 6 years since the first appearance Iain Dean.

6 Years of Iain Dean
Iain Dean played by Michael Stevenson ©BBC

Iain first appeared on screen in a red button special “Under Fire” on the 14 April 2012, as Corporal Dean.

Iain was brought into CASUALTY in April 2012, Sam had started working at the ED, and Iain was called to give a statement after she had forcibly restrained a man and he had presented with a neck injury. He had been called to give evidence against her during the GMC hearing, which brought back some painful memories for her.

Iain later joined the Ambulance force at Holby, working under Kathleen “Dixie” Dixon and Jeff Collier as a Student Paramedic. Iain returned several months later as a fully trained paramedic, Dixie offered him a job after Jeff’s death.

He has been involved with many of the regular staff, at Holby ED including relationships with Rita Freeman and most recently Lily Chao, which both ended in disaster.

Dixie has seen more than enough of Iain’s body, after witnessing him with an apron on showing him bum, while mopping up the ambulance. Talking about ambulance he’s also managed to flip one of them onto their side.