Today (5/01/2019) marks the 9 year anniversary of Sacha Levy’s first on screen appearance in the episode ‘Talk to me’ and ever since has been as colourful a character as his shirts.

Sacha was first introduced as a locum who had after one night stand with Chrissie William’s found out she was pregnant. He left Holby briefly but returned again on a six month contract working alongside Jac, Ric, and Michael Spence. His post became permanent and he was transferred to head up the AAU.

After her relationship with Dan Hamilton ended Chrissie became closer to Sacha and realised how much she liked him. They embarked on a relationship and later episodes saw them get married.

Sacha was the victim of a stabbing by an unstable patient whilst mentoring a student Doctor called Ella Henderson and he was seen to be fighting for his life, after a close call he was saved by Micheal and Chrissie.

After returning from a family holiday Sacha’s distraught to find out that his daughter Rachel had leukaemia. In poignant scenes Sacha asked Jac to shave his head to show his support to Rachel.

When his son Daniel is announced as a bone marrow match and potentially the only one who could save Rachels life he authorised the procedure without Chrissies permission which caused problems between them and they parted ways. Sacha has since had a serious relationship with Essie Di Lucca however they later split due to Essie’s desire to have a child and Sacha didn’t feel the same way.

A recent storyline has seen Sacha raise awareness of male depression, a special episode was shown where the issues Sacha had been keeping inside over the course of the year were shown in flash backs and he was contemplating jumping off the roof of the hospital.