Tonight (December 28) the BBC aired unexpected scenes showing the departure of Dr Mason Reede, played by Victor Oshin. He joined the ED in August 2019, as a junior doctor.

The episode features Mason demise after having a heart attack, he was found by colleague Rash Masum in the store room. After calling for help Will Noble pronounced Mason dead, Mason was known for cutting corners in his diagnosis putting patients in danger.

Most recently, after a patient was admitted to the ED with a dislocated shoulder, Rash hastily instructed Mason to prepare to reposition it after he presented him with an X-ray confirming her condition. However, after Mason successfully performed the procedure, the patient began screaming with pain, and Dylan pointed out that there was a fracture visible on the X-ray. Mason reviewed it in disbelief and realised that he had shown Rash an X-ray taken when she was previously admitted in November 2018. In the staff room, Dylan confronted Mason and Rash about the incident, and Mason suggested that Rash was distracted by his girlfriend Gem breaking up with him. Later, Mason told Rash that he wanted to “clear the air”, but he accused him of throwing him under the bus; Mason argued that he repeatedly tried to get rid of him, and it was not his fault that he had been dumped.