Dr Ethan Hardy is set to have a new love interest, played by Abigail Hardingham.

Abigail Hardingham as Alice Webster in BBC One’s drama The Missing

Casualty has cast The Missing actress Abigail Hardingham in the role of Ethan Hardy’s love interest, Effie.

Abigail, best known for playing Alice Webster in the BBC drama The Missing, has taken the role of Effie, whose first scenes will air in next Saturday’s episode (August 24).

Effie, who has cystic fibrosis, is the daughter of Theo, who Ethan knows from university. She’ll be appearing in a number of episodes over the coming months.

George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy

Theo will turn up in the ED looking for Ethan, in the hope that his friend will be able to pull some strings to get Effie onto a cystic fibrosis treatment trial the hospital is running.