Played by Jeremy Sheffield

05/10/2000 (S3 E1)

06/08/2003 (S5 E45)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Surgeon Alex was charming, irreverent, and a bit of a cynic. He had an unorthodox approach to his work but he was ambitious and put his career first. Alex resigned after contemplating suicide.

Alex has an unorthodox approach to his work, but it gets results. He’s charming, irreverent, and a bit of a cynic. Since his only long term relationship failed, he’s put his career first, working all over the county and even doing a stint in Rwanda.

Alex’s rootless existence never used to bother him but the idea of settling down appealed when he met Victoria. Tragically his relationship with her, which seemed to have the beginnings of real closeness, ended with her murder. Leaving Alex alone and cynical once again. It seemed like there was only one woman that could possibly break through his defences – Sam. But after the drink driving trial, Alex found it hard to forgive Sam for spiking his drink. His fling with Jess Griffin fared little better when she discovered she was pregnant. With their relationship effectively over, she opted for an abortion. Ultimately Sam’s lure proved too great and he stole back Sam’s heart on her and Ric’s wedding day. But just when it seemed nothing could tear them apart Sam did the unthinkable, she betrayed Alex’s beloved Mr Meyer. She resigned and Alex found himself unable to forgive her.

Alex left Holby in August to work with Mr Meyer on a research programme in Michigan. But rumours abound that his return is imminent.

Previous Positions:
Cardiothoracic Registrar