Clearing out his locker at Waterloo Road, actor Alex Walkinshaw makes the move to Holby to join the Casualty ED as new nurse Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher.

Having pounded the beat in The Bill and kept some unruly pupils in control in Waterloo Road, Alex Walkinson now joins the world’s longest running medical drama Casualty. He starts filming at the show’s new home in Cardiff this month. Alex plays Fletch, who brings a sense of humour to the nursing team.

Alex says: “He’s the ultimate cheeky chappy – the kind of entertaining bloke you’d want to go down the pub and have a laugh with, whether you’re male or female. He’s into football, rugby, beer and beautiful women – only to flirt with and admire though – he’s a devoted family man which just makes him all the more attractive. Personally, I can’t wait to get to know him better myself.”

Fletch trained as a mechanic first, but lost his business and found himself with a family to support but no real idea about what to do. When his wife Keila went into labour with their third child and found herself in the emergency department, it was the optimistic nursing staff who were there for her and saw them through. There and then, Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse. So, he arrives back in Holby City ED, the birth place of his daughter and his inspiration.

In his opening episode (on screen in June), Lloyd (Michael Obiora) is assigned as Fletch’s mentor but finds his nose is put out of joint when he discovers that Fletch is a self-assured mature nursing graduate with a great sense of humour – far from the naïve timid baby nurse he was expecting!

Johnathan Young, Executive Producer adds: “We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Alex to the Casualty team. He’s brings bags of talent, a wealth of experience and a cheeky sense of humour to rival Fletch’s!”