Played by Chelsea Halfpenny

19/09/2015 (S30 E4)

19/01/2019 (S33 E20)

Registrar in Emergency Medicine


Alicia Munroe is one of the department’s F2 junior doctors. Alicia grew up in Newcastle, where she also attended university for medical training. She moved down to Holby prior to her start in the ED in 2015. Her initial run in the ED was short – due to to Lily’s bullying. However, Alicia returned to the department in July 2016, ready to dive into work again.

Alicia was surprised when her parents moved down to Holby, and shocked when she discovered that her dad was staying with her mum even though she cheated. However, just a few months later the whole truth came out and it transpired that her dad was actually the one cheating. In addition to this, Alicia found herself between Cal and Ethan, not knowing who to choose. However, Alicia is conscious that their relationship means a lot to them, and she may even forfeit her own love-life to prevent driving them apart.

Previous Positions:

  • F2 (2015-17)

Family: Howard Munroe (father), Jackie Munroe (mother)