Casualty’s Amanda Mealing defends co-star Amanda Henderson over Celebrity Mastermind backlash, as viewers send hateful messages.

Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller in Casualty
Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller in Casualty

Co-star Amanda Mealing took to Twitter saying “I’ve just seen the most hateful & spitefully mocking things said about Amanda Henderson on Mastermind. Calls for her to “kill herself”?? Seriously, this has got to stop!! Do you not realise you are speaking to & about a real person. Being on TV does not make you immune to cruelty”

Former Holby City actress Chizzy Akudolu mentioned how lovely Henderson is “Amanda Henderson has a bloody good heart, is hilariously funny and is a very talented Actress. That’s all I care about!!!”

Mealing later took to her social media account “I’m genuinely concerned about the ever increasing online abuse; about its lasting affects on the victims. The lack of consequence enables these attacks to happen with greater voracity. What do you feel could be done? #EnoughIsEnough”

You can catchup with Amanda’s stint on Mastermind on BBC iPlayer.