Played by Zita Sattar

03/03/2001 (S15 E28)

20/09/2003 (S18 E3) – Deceased

A bright and bubbly lass with a great smile, Anna always brightened up the department and was great for cheering people up when they were down.

She was severely shaken after being raped on a date after doing Chloe a favour, but bounced back amazingly and continued at Holby although she found it hard to forgive Chloe for endangering her.

Anna approached most things with a sense of humour and good spirit. She was always helping people especially Chloe.Her bubbly personality and constant smile made her a character that just about everyone loved! She faced a moral dilemma when she realised that the love-of-her-life, Merlin was in fact her long-lost half-brother.