Played by George Irving

12/01/1999 (S1 E1)

20/08/2002 (S4 E46)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Meyer was a driven man who was determined to make sure everyone else matched up to his high standards. Calm and controlled, his surgical skills were respected but his private life was guarded. He quit Holby for Michigan.

Mr Meyer is as sharp and cool as any of his surgical implements in Holby City. He rules Darwin Ward with a rod of iron and sees any change as encroaching on his territory. The staff fear his brutal coldness but admire his surgical skill in even measure.

Passionate only about the job, he expects everything from his colleagues, and is prepared to criticise if anyone falls short. He’s a tough mentor but often gets the best from his juniors. He lost confidence for a while in himself when he suffered symptoms of Motor Neurone Disease, but it turned out to be a harmless virus. He’s very guarded about his private life and we’re left to wonder if he’s as controlled in his private life as he is at work.

But where once Mr Meyer seemed invincible recent events have shown his vulnerability. Throw in an accusation, a press leak, Tom Campbell-Gore, an inquiry, Sam Kennedy and you get Mr Meyer’s resignation. And he’s walked away from Holby City Hospital for the last time.