Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern


Played by​ Lee Mead

01/03/2014 (S28 E27)

12/03/2016 (S30 E27)

Last Appearance:
17/07/2017 (S31 E38)

Senior Staff Nurse

We first met Ben Chiltern in Holby City Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2014, he was in his fathers house which he was renting out to Robyn Miller, it was revealed that Ben was sleeping in the loft, that’s where he gets his nickname of Lofty. Ben “Lofty” Chiltern later got a job at the ED as a new member to the nursing team. Lofty made some great friendships one of which being Robyn.

Lofty left the ED in 2016, after an incident that happened where an agency nurse died, which he blamed himself as he should have made sure that the body was clear before shocking.

It wasn’t long before Lofty returned back to Holby City Hospital, but this time working as a nurse in Keller ward, where he has bonded well with Dominic.