Played by David Paisley

29/01/2002 (S4 E17)

22/04/2003 (S5 E29) – Deceased


Gay midwife Ben was capable, confident and popular. He had a brilliant bedside manner and a soothing sexy Scottish accent to match. He died following a car crash.

Ben works as a midwife with Lisa in Holby’s maternity ward. He’s quickly proved that he’s more than capable of doing the job, even if he sometimes gets rather surprised looks from the mothers. He’s fitted in quickly to life at the hospital and early on became something of a favourite with Sandy. After a chance encounter in a club, Sandy held high hopes that they were destined to be together. Eventually, Ben was forced to tell her the truth and they’ve become the best of friends.

After coming out to everyone at work, Ben felt the time was right to tell his parents the truth. But before he could, they told him that his father has terminal lung cancer. A distraught Ben was persuaded by his mother to keep quiet – she’d guessed the truth – and for now he’s keeping silent.