Former staff nurse actor Ben Turner is set to return to Casualty playing Jay Faldren in a video recording for the 30th anniversary episode, due to air on the 27th August.

Jay departed the Emergency Department with partner Dr Ruth Winters in Series 26, when a fire broke out (last episode filmed in Bristol).

Executive producer, Oliver Kent said in an interview;

Was it hard to get together some of the old cast for their messages to Charlie?
The wish list was basically the people [you see] in the show, because everyone said “Yes!” So it wasn’t like we had to make a huge list and see who was available. We were incredibly lucky that everyone we wanted [to do it] wanted to do it.

And every time I watch it – and I’ve watched this now about ten times – it makes me cry from the first one. So when Ben Turner comes on as Jay and says ‘You’re the Ayatollah,” it sets me off and I snivel through the rest of the episode embarrassingly. But, honestly, everyone wanted to do it and it was lovely.

Read the full interview on the BBC Casualty website here.