Played by​ Jemma Redgrave

02/02/2016 (S18 E17)

08/08/2017 (S19 E44)

Last Appearance:
20/06/2018 (S20 E25)

Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon & AAU Co-Clinical Lead

Berenice “Bernie” Griselda Wolfe, is a former General and Trauma Consultant Surgeon, and Co-Clinical Lead of AAU. She had been serving the army, when she is brought into Holby with heart problems and a neck fracture. She’d been training medics in Afghanistan when the car she was in hit a roadside IED. Already at loggerheads, Guy won’t operate on her spine if her heart might rupture, but Ollie won’t operate on her chest if her spinal chord is at risk. As they argue, Bernie tells the pair they must operate at the same time.

In 2017, Bernie’s trauma unit on AAU is closed down by new medical director Nina Karnik, which lead to her departure from the wards of Holby City Hospital.


  • Bernie first appeared as a patient in Darwin ward
  • Bernie got a job at Holby, and started working on Keller ward
  • Bernie was later moved from Keller to AAU to help Serena run the ward
  • Serena and Bernie became lovers