Played by​ Richard Winsor

18/01/2014 (S28 E21)

29/04/2017 (S31 E33) – Deceased

Registrar in Emergency Medicine

Arrogant, cocky and slightly irritating, Cal is one of the ED’s registrars. Cal attended UCL for his medical training where he initially met Connie. However, when she arrived in the ED, this didn’t give him any favourable treatment, much to his disappointment.

Cal was just as shocked as Ethan to discover that their brother was working in the ED. Although Cal claims to care deeply about his brother, Ethan sometimes fails to see this, as Cal has treated him bad for so many years. Most recently, this has involved stealing £15,000 from him and stealing his research proposal for South Africa. However, Ethan has finally started standing up to Cal – and he doesn’t like it one bit.

Caleb starting have an relationship with Alicia Munroe, whilst together Alicia had an affair with Cal’s brother Ethan, as he found a cuff-link in their bed. In April 2017 Cal approached Ethan and Alicia whilst on a doctor strike saying that he knew about what they did, he later told Ethan that he should go out with her. In the ED the staff was surrounding around Lily after being in a hit and run, whilst Ethan was treating Roy Ellison who later died, the son (Scott) took this out on Ethan and was planning revenge. With Cal protecting his brother, Scott and Cal had a fight outside the ED, whilst Dylan on the phone on his way home, he turns round to find Cal has been stabbed and was bleeding out, after being rushed to resus, Caleb died shortly after.

Family: Ethan Hardy (brother)