The episode started with Elle looking deep in thought at the ED, Jacob disrupted this and Elle confided in him that she didn’t know whether it was the right time to leave the ED Jacob encouraged Elle saying that it was her time to spread her wings and fly.

Connie was in her office struggling to write her card to Elle and ended up putting ‘Good Luck Elle’. She seemed to be struggling not only with Elle leaving but the crowd of people in the ED, she retreated back to her office.


Charlie, David, Dylan and Elle gathered at the nursing station David bought her a joke but very touching present of Glue and sellotape to patch the place up when she leaves. This bough Elle to tears as she didn’t seem to realise the mark she would leave on the ED. Dylan said goodbye to Elle and said she was the one that held the ED together.

In the ambulance station Ruby was looking through her bag for her stethoscope. A sharp tongued Jan was no help, Iain started talking about her behind her back, however he didn’t realise she was still in the room.

Meanwhile trying to get their ‘big break’ young adults (Mark and Aidan) broke into a house where a vulnerable young girl called Georgia had been left home alone by her dad Terry. He returned home to hear her screaming and saw the Mark trying to calm her down. He told the them both to leave, Aiden insisted he didn’t know anybody was home and they insisted they’d try to calm her down first. A fight ensued between them, the girl sustained an injury to her hands and the Aiden received a serious leg injury, his brother called him an Ambulance. Ruby and Iain arrived, Mark started to get worked up stating ‘none of this would have happened if he let us go’. Ruby suggested Iain attended to the young girl. Her father lied telling Iain he’d already called the Police about the males who broke in. Iain said they’d need to go to the ED. At the end of the road Ruby saw Dani who was staring at her.


Back at the ED and Aidan was being treated by Archie and David, David asked Mark if Aidan had taken any medication that he and Archie wouldn’t know about. Mark showed Aidan the drugs he might’ve taken.

Whilst Elle was examining Georgie, Terry told Mark not to report the incident to the Police. Elle overheard this and told him she thought he’d already called the Police. He was defensive and didn’t seem to have a straight forward answer for Elles questions. She later bumped into Mark who told her there was another child in the house. Before she could ask Terry he and Georgie had gone. When she went to the house Elle found out that the kids mother had died after being mugged and Terry was trying to protect them. Elle comforted him and found Georgie’s sister who was in another room and their father was taken by Police.

Hansen paid a visit to Elle to say goodbye to Elle and also to pay a visit to Connie, he asked her why she gave Elle such a glowing reference with her new boss. After confiding in Jacob Elle confronted an uncomfortable Connie, who said Elle she thought Elle was being paranoid. Elle however had concerns for Connie and thought she was suffering from anxiety which she put down to her fear of there being another attack.

David found Jacob and informed him that drugs taken were those of his mom Omo Masters. Jacob asked Mark where he’d got the pills from however he was hesitant in his replies. Mark eventually told him that he’d got the the pills from a young woman in a pub called ‘Jet.’ He rushed to his mother’s address where his mother accused him of abandoning her and told him he was dead to her.

After being reminded by Elle she hadn’t been in Resus, Connie headed up a procedure in Resus to treat Aidan, Connie seemed unconfident throughout and was reluctant to transfer him to theatre. Despite Archie warning her she they couldn’t wait longer. Aidan was thought to make a full recovery.

The end of the episode saw Elle reflecting outside, she went back in to the ED and told Connie she wasn’t taking the job and she wasn’t staying at the ED, she’d tried so hard to be her friend but Connie didn’t return the gesutre. She also told Connie that she thought she needed proper help. Afterwards Elle collected her gifts from the staff room and was seen crying into the flowers she was given.

Hansen told Connie that the board had been on his back all day and a troubleshooter would be coming to the ED next week.