This weeks episode had a focus on the paramedics, Advanced trauma staff and Ethan. As they attended a terror attack a market.

We saw the return of Ollie (David’s son) he wanted to speak with David however Resus was chaotic. Rash returned for his mothers funeral and despised being urged to stay with his father helped at the ED.

Back at the scene of the incident and Ethan was treating a young woman called Jenny however sniffer dogs scented a bomb. It exploded soon after and Ethan was trapped with Al. The environment around them wasn’t stable and Al became unresponsive.

Rash’s first patient upon his return was a young boy who’s father tried to prevent the explosion.

Ethan was admitted to and his burns were treated however the physical and mental effects of the explosion was taking its toll. He was having flashbacks. He visited Andy and broke the news to Andy about the death of his daughter Jenny.

At the end of this weeks episode saw the team pulling together after the hard shift at the expense Dylan and Rash made the decision to stay in Holby.