A shocking turn of events at the start of todays episode as Rash found Mason unconscious in the store cupboard, Rash tried to save him however it was too late. Poignant scenes showed Mason’s last moments. Dylan informed the staff of Mason’s death. Whilst an investigation and Police interviews took place. Ethan, Rash and Dylan were called back in Marina Kovac (Cover Clinical lead) who interrogated them further. Once it was over Rash told Ethan that he was annoyed at him for not stepping up and mentoring Mason.

Casualty - Series 34 - EP18

Rash was brave and continued to treat patients. His patient today was a Mr Joe O’Riely, he was admitted to the ED as his son Anthony who had autism was worried about his father who was having breathing problems, he was worried it could be cancer because he used to ‘smoke 20 cigarettes a day’ and he’d also lost his mother to cancer. Rash initially diagnosed issue with Joe’s heart however his condition continued to deuterate during treatment. Ethan helped Rash find the right diagnosis which was Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Meanwhile Archie’s day was going from bad to worse when she had an aggressive patient during his treatment Jacob confided in him and he revealed that he was a discharged soldier who had was in a landmine incident with his friend who passed away and he couldn’t cope. He calmed down and thanked both Jacob and Archie upon being discharged.

As we said a sad goodbye to Mason we saw the arrival of Faith Cadogan the new ACP played by Kirsty Mitchell, she had one scene with Dylan where she seemed comfortable with the ED’S setting and got on with her job. I will look forward to seeing more of her character.

The episode concluded with Rash meeting Mason’s mom Angela Reede who told him how happy she thought her son was working at the ED and he always left the house if he’d won the lottery. As Rash was leaving he bumped into Anthony who hugged Rash, all the emotions of the day hit him and he burst into tears.