At the start of this week’s episode we saw a chase between two males who were rival gang members. Both males got under Jacob’s skin however when it was later revealed that Casey was Dante’s sister. She was seen to take matters into her own hands which ended in disaster and she was bought back to the ED on a stretcher. The situation continued to get worse when Casey broke up with Ryan and a fight between the Ryan and Dante was nearly fatal until Jacob confided in the males, calming then. He later later admitted to Lev that he was struggling to come to terms with Mason’s death.

In the ED Marty and Jade were tired as baby Harmony had been keeping them awake. Ruby was then seen struggling to get Harmony to sleep and seemed relieved when she handed Harmony to the baby sitter. Being given conflicting advice about Harmony’s sleep from videos, Lev and Jan, Ruby snapped at Robyn saying that Marty and Jade had blown everything out of proportion.

Lev and Ruby were then called to Gloria an vulnerable woman who had fallen on the floor and was struggling to get up only just managing to press her panic button. She was determined not to waste doctors time but Lev persuaded her to go to the ED. Marty was sure that she had been abused however Archie warned him not to jump the gun. She was right and Ruby uncovered Gloria’s secret that she was blind. Dr Megan Harrison diagnosed Glaucoma and Archie and Ruby ensured she got the help she needed.

The green eyed monster got the better of Connie this week after Archie mentioned that she wanted to be mentored by Dr Megan Harrison who had left Holby to undertake work abroad. Connie was condescending to Dr Harrison after Archie had asked her to look into Gloria’s case.

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The episode concluded with Ruby accepting the help from Lev in theform of babysitting services and dinner once a week at his house and Dante realising how self destructive gang life was.