A dramatic start to this weeks episode as a pilot called Liam was tasered by Police after he failed stop driving his aircraft. An examination at the ED revealed that he had overdosed on antidepressants, which he later said was due to stress and it later became apparent what that stress was.

It was a very different start for Marty as he’d found a new boyfriend called Jack on a dating app and was on cloud 9 however he came down with a crash when he was called into work and found out Jack was married to Liam (the pilot). Jack dumped Marty, it looked like Marty had a lucky escape as Jack A) played around a lot and B) wasn’t a nice person. Karma was quick to catch up with Jack when Liam dumped him.

Charlie visisted Duffy in her new care home, at one point she couldn’t remember where she was or who Charlie was. Robyn comforted an upset Charlie who was questioning whether or not he’d made the right decision to put Duffy in a care home. When he went to visit her later heartbreaking scenes saw poor Duffy had packed her bags ready to go back home with Charlie.

Meanwhile Jade was treating greving twins Alyssa and Nerys who lost their mum to overaian cancer. They were dealing with their grief in different ways Nerys had been travelling and Alyssa had been tested for a breast cancer gene which came back positive. She had her breasts removed, one of the scars was infected and needed treatment. Nerys found it all a lot to cope with and walked out.

Archie thawed towards Connie this week after she allowed her to do emergency surgery in Resus.

The episode concluded with Marty drowning his sorrows in the Hope and Anchor, the siblings reconciling and Robyn discovering that Charlie had taken Duffy back home, he stated that he would make it work.