Check list tissues, tissues and more tissues as it was the end of an era for Duffy. The episode was as crisp as the snow that lay thick over Holby. There was heartbreak all round for Charlie, the ED and Faith and Lev as they found out Luka’s scan results and Ruby who feared Violette could take Harmony away.

The episode began when Charlie woke out to find that Duffy had gone missing in the night as her dementia took her back a snowstorm in 1989. She was on her way to work wearing her old Uniform but the reality of her condition hit as we saw she was hallucinating and had actually collapsed. Charlie found her and she was rushed to the ED where the whole team rallied around to help Duffy, who had had suffered from hyperthermia and a massive bleed to the brain.

Meanwhile Lev and Faith were out taking Luka and Billy ice skating this week but as competitiveness got the best of the dads Billy got taken to the ED where it seemed Lev and Michael (Billy’s dad) had been doing some skating of their own, Lev around the facts of Luka’s probable cancer diagnosis and Michael around his wife’s anxiety’s.

Duffy’s last conversation was with Connie she told her to take care of herself and Charlie. They were her last words. She had a massive seizure and Charlie was told there was no further action that could be taken to save Duffy. A defiant Charlie couldn’t believe Duffy could no longer be helped after all the years she’d spent helping others. After speaking to Robyn Charlie made the hard decision to allow Duffy’s organs to be donated, knowing it was what she would have wanted, and said a fond farewell to the ‘love of his life.’ Fans old and new were then taken on a throwback montage of Charlie and Duffy’s (Chuffy’s) journey.

Just as Ruby was getting used to looking after Harmony it looked like Violette wanted her back. Ruby sought advice from Jan who said to look to Charlie and Duffy’s situation ‘blood is thicker than water’. After finding out Violette could be staying in a hostel. She asked Robyn if Violette could stay with them. Their could be trouble ahead for Ruby and Robyn.

The episode concluded with the ED paying their respects to Duffy standing in a line to pay respects to her as she was taken away for organ donation. An exhausted Charlie’s mind then tricked him showing Duffy waving him goodbye.

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