Programme Name: Casualty – Series 34 – TX: 15/02/2020 – Episode: Casualty – Series 34 – EP24 (No. 24) – Picture Shows: Violette (KELLY GOUGH) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Grabs

Last week on Casualty Ethan returned, Violette tried to flee with Harmony and tempers reached boiling point with Ethan and Rash.

Violettes Ex Arlo and offered her drugs, she took them resulting in her collapsing on the sofa whilst an unwell Harmony was sleeping upstairs. When she regained consciousness she ran to Harmony hearing after hearing her cries. Robyn and Ruby’s neighbour raised concerns when they saw a ‘strange male’ (Arlo) leaving the property. Ruby called Violette who closed herself up, giving no information to Ruby. She asked will to help and he identified that Harmony could have meningococcal septicaemia which could be fatal just as he said that he heard the train announcements and told Robyn to tell Ruby to get to the station.

Ruby rushed down and caught Violette just in time. Upon returning to the ED Harmony’s condition was stabilised but Robyn told Ruby and Violette they could no longer live at the address as she didn’t want Charlotte being in the house with drugs. This was the final straw for Ruby who told Violette she would be applying for residency of Harmony.

Four year old Benji was today’s patient. He’d fell unconscious whilst his dad was on a conference call in the other room. X-rays initially showed a hairline fracture. His exhausted and overworked dad, started hallucinating and collapsed. When he woke he watched his sons condition deteriorate from his bed. Desperate to gel he remembered he remembered leaving a battery out after changing clocks and Rash discovered with Ethan’s help that Benji had swallowed it. Emergency treatment was carried out.

Programme Name: Casualty – Series 34 – TX: 15/02/2020 – Episode: Casualty – Series 34 – EP24 (No. 24) – Picture Shows: Will Nobel (Jack Nolan) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Grabs

Also on last weeks episode whilst Archie and Will were swooning after their colleagues Megan and…. Tempers flared between Ethan and Rash however Ethan talked about the situation through with Rash and said although they didn’t need to get on the needed to work together.

The episode concluded with Christian telling his boss some home truths and leaving the company, Sandra from IT dumping Will and the green eyed monster catching up on Connie as she overheard Archie talking to Meghan about possibly leaving the ED.