Last week on Casualty, Violette continued to struggle, Ethan and his patient were unlucky in love and Lev and Faith’s different views on Luka’s diagnosis bought tension to their relationship.

The episode began with Violette waking up in rehab after having a nightmare about Ruby taking Harmony. Ruby wasn’t her normal self and it was evident herself and Violette were both struggling with recent events of Violette being readmitted. Violette had found a friend and opened up to another patient called Racquel at rehab.

Lev refused to join Faith at a support group for parents of children who have cancer, this made her visibly upset and Faith confided in Dylan whilst Lev had some tough words for Ruby who compared her not going to family therapy session to Lev not going to support group, Lev opened up stating the group wouldn’t help Luka’s cancer but going to the session could help Violette.

Programme Name: Casualty – Series 34 – TX: 22/02/2020 – Episode: Casualty – Series 34 – EP25 (No. 25) – Picture Shows: Ruby Spark (MADDY HILL) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Grabs

When Ethan arrived he’d told Will that his date had left early due to babysitting issues and was shocked to find out that was probably code for the date didn’t go well. Meanwhile, his patient Colin Kennedy had a fallen whilst rollerskating and trying to impress his new girlfriend Linzi there was a 23 year age gap he was embarrassed after he’d regained consciousness and heard him being referred to as ‘Linizi’s dad.’ He was later dumped by Linzi (by text of all things).

Dylan video called Zsa Zsa (played by the wonderful Sharon Gless) to take a look at Luka’s case. Lev and Faith were taken aback by Dylan’s kind gesture and it seemed to give them hope as they stopped arguing about the support group.

Programme Name: Casualty – Series 34 – TX: 22/02/2020 – Episode: Casualty – Series 34 – EP25 (No. 25) – Picture Shows: Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (SHARON GLESS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Grabs

After hearing Lev’s opinion Ruby attended the family therapy session with Violette however it didn’t go smoothly Ruby making her feeling’s clear about Violette saying maybe she didn’t want to recover, Violette stormed out and the counsellor advised Ruby that they had to ‘believe in change because there was no other option.’ Violette witnessed a fight ensue between an addict and Racquel and helped defuse the situation however when Violette later returned to her room in tears Racquel offered her drugs which she took. Ruby was radioed but despite best efforts to save her Violette died in the ED after a large aortic aneurysm she had, ruptured.

The episode concluded with Faith attending the meeting alone, Ethan meeting a possible new admirer and a heartbroken Ruby heading home with Harmony.