This weeks episode started with Duffy being dropped of by Charlie at a care home she was volunteering at. She was helping look after a vulnerable lady called Maisie. Maisie had a nasty fall and was admitted to the ED. Duffy used coping techniques with Maisie who had an advanced stage of dementia to help calm her to get her treated. Whilst doing so she discovered the struggle the nursing home were having treating/ taking care of her and others who due to no fault of their own had trouble communicating their problems. Duffy said she’d return to the care home to be a voice for those who needed it.

Meanwhile an alarmed David arrived at the ED asking if anybody had seen a missing Ollie (his son). He’d stormed off after a row with his moms partner Mark labeled ‘Captain America’ by David. Tensions could have been cut with a knife and built higher when Ollie didn’t arrive at the ED. David found him sat at the edge of a bridge. There was a struggle and Ollie fell into the river, David went in after him and dragged him unconscious out of the river. Ollie was admitted and examined in the ED. Ollie required surgery which was performed by Dylan and Jac Naylor (who made an appearance) David owed her a flapjack …

Ethan was supposed to be mentoring Mason however he was preoccupied recommending Effie for the Cystic Fibrosis trial and treating emergency cases. Mason was tired of waiting for Ethan and despite being told not to treat the patient did however he was unsuccessful he nipped a vein. Archie undermined Mason however Jacob stood up for Mason.

The episode concluded showing Rosa building up David’s knocked confidence in his parenting to Ollie and saying that he wanted to take more care of Ollie. He woke up and said wanted to go home with David.