At the start todays episode a young boy called Alfie and his brother Fred set up a BMX stunt that ended in tradgedy as Alfie fell and was found unconscious after being stabbed in the chest by a conspicuous piece of wood with metal shooting out of it. The HEM’S team were called and Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove) made a welcome return for beginning of her guest stint. The boy’s mother arrived at the ED all guns blazing for Fred however soon apologised and blamed herself for making him grow up too quickly.

Meanwhile an arson attack by a mysterious figure on his old House Master (Mr Millbank) to get revenge for the mistreatment he suffered at School. Mr Millbank originally came across as the victim however soon his true colours and extent of his actions came alight. The attacker stated his actions weren’t to get revenge for himself but for his friend who killed himself because of the actions caused by Millbank.

Back in the ED and Alfie had been transferred to ITU after surgery and Iain and Dixie had a catch up. Despite losing touch with Iain she knew about the death of Sam and felt that it was best for Iain to call her, she consoled him that although she had moved on she still missed Jeff.

Dylan asked Will to keep an eye on Archie however he should’ve been more worried about Mason who had his eyes on Rash’s bike and forced Rash to gamble it on a patients diagnosis, he was at first reluctant however Jacob became involved and put pressure on Rash.

Programme Name: Casualty – Series 34 – TX: 07/09/2019 – Episode: Casualty – Series 34 – EP4 (No. 4) – Picture Shows: Will Noble (JACK NOLAN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: n/a

The episode ended showing the old housemaster’s car ruined and a smug Archie leaving the ED.