My heart bled for Charlie in tonight’s episode, Duffy and she was trying to call her old flame Bill in the early hours of the morning which, believing that they were back in their youth. This led to Charlie biting the bullet and meeting him in the Hope and Anchor. He told Bill about Duffy’s dementia and wanted to know the facts behind the keepsakes she had kept over the years. A reluctant Charlie later let Bill visit Duffy however he stormed out struggling to cope with how fast Duffy had deteriorated.

We discovered further into Lev and Faiths family life this week. The initial normal school routine ended chaos when their son Luka fell and split his head open. Dylan was concerned about his eyesight amongst other issues and a CT scan revealed every parents worst nightmare, that he had a tumour on his brain.

Meanwhile on the other side of Holby a warehouse warfare was happening as protesters against plastic waste caused havoc at a warehouse. In true Casualty style, a crate stack fell on one of the protesters called Tom after he pushed his friend Liv out of the way. She tried to help him injuring herself in the process. They both ended up in the ED where Liv was revealed to be an undercover Police Officer called Aideen McFarlane. Any spark between them had gone from that point.

Also in today’s episode Robyn offered her spare box room to Ruby so that she was closer to her new child minder’s and Robyn wanted the company in the evenings. Will this be as icon as Robyn, Max and Lofty house sharing. We’ll have to wait and see.

The episode concluded with Duffy telling a devastated Charlie she wanted Bill and not him.