Connie is finally back and its back to buisness as usual which means no special treatment except for maybe Alicia.

Alicia has been offered a place in Manchester but she has to decide between Holby or Manchester. She knows that ethans career is in Holby and so is willing to give up the position in Manchester. Connie tells her shes stupid if she turns down her fututre for the sake of a relationship. Alicia treats a patient that has a long medical history in many diffrent hospals it appears at first that the mom is just nervous however it turns out that their isnt anything wrong witht the boy the mom has just been faking symptoms for the sake of the blog she then tries to inject her son with insulin however when alicia reads the blog she rushes to the home inn attempto to save the boy she is then attacked by the boys mother while trying to help the boy eventually the boy is taken to hospital. Connie tells alicia that this proves that she is the perfect person for the fellow ship and it would be a waste if she didnt take it up alicia eventually accepts the fellowship.

Through out the episode we see just how much Ethan I willing to give up for Alicias sake when he begs Connie to accept his resignation and proposes to Alicia only to have his heart broken when she leaves with out him.

Martys web of lies begins to fall apart when he is asked to do a shit by Louise. however he had agreed to go out with the ambulance crew but tells Louise that its all fine then ends up going with Ian any way but cant geback in time to pick up Charlotte from nursery which is when Robyn finds out he has been using her daughter to get with one of the dads at the preschool. not only is his relationship ruined his best friend no longer trusts him and hes in trouble with Louise.

We see Louise struggling to make her wages get her through and find her slef going to a food bank as she doesn’t know how shes going to afford to eat where she runs back into and old face it Ernest.