This weeks episode started with Iain packing up his things and tidying his house. We then see him go of to work he supports ruby through a tough shift and picks her up again when she falls apart all whilst hiding that he isn’t ok. We see Ian and Ruby treating a homeless man who keeps ending up back in the ed with injuries that he claims weren’t his fault however at first ruby doesn’t take well tot he patient and believes he is a time waster however Ian teaches her that he simply isn’t on the right track and is trying to find but by the end of the episode she had warmed to him.

Marty ends up treating a patient who has been attacked because a man saw her kissing a woman it turns out she is dating the woman but hasn’t built up the courage yet to tell her daughter which causes the other woman to believe she doesn’t feel the same way. She eventually tells her daughter about her sexuality her daughter had known all along but believed that it didn’t matter however the couple weren’t at the same stage in the relationship and so decided to end they’re relationship.

Ruby struggles to cope when a young girl is ran over and needs urgent medical attention we see ruby struggle when it comes to the hand over keep worrying about the girl afterwards however when the girl dies later into the episode we see a side to ruby that we have never seen before

Iain ends up taking his life at the end of this episode due to the build up of recent events