Casualty series 33 ep 17 reveiw


Casualty’s Christmas themed episode consisted of a tragic story in which a homeless patient involved in an incident in which he is electrocuted and as a result looses his memory when Jacob does some digging to try and help the ditressed patient he discovers that the patient has a wife and daughter the patient is insistent that he has to get home to his girls when Jacob is then informed that the mother and daughter were killed in a tragic car crash which caused the patient to suffer severe mental health issues and eventually looses his home.


meanwhile Dylan is still struggling to deal with the unknown fate of his relationship with Ciara when she sends him a Christmas card Dylan spends the episode contemplating whether or not he wants to open the envelope. David is their for Dylan despite his several attempts to assure David that he is ok he is eventually honest. Dylan eventually opens the card in which Ciara states that she tells him that she simply wants to tell him she dry and getting stronger every day she then wishes him a merry christmas. David then invites dylan over for christmas dinner.

Gem and Rash are caught up in an issue which involves an agency nurse who turns up but isn’t all that honest she is then accompanied by a patient who is displaying strange symptoms it is later reveeled that the pair aren’t as they seems when they attempt to take the rapid infuser as it is urgently needed in resus Gem finds them as they are attempting to drive away she eventually manages to talk them down and then convinces noel to donate this years charity collection to the hospice in which they were stealing the infuser for.

it wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a heartwarming story somewhere within the Drama two patients are brought in with the man who was electrocuted both of which have deep feeling for one another however neither had the confidence to say it till now the story looks as though a character may die but eventually end happily with both telling one another how much they love one another