Casualty : Series 33 – Episode 1 

Writer – Simon Norman
Director – Steve Brett

Please be aware, this review will contain spoilers if you are yet to see the episode. 

Last Nights episode started with a flashback leading to the cause of the crash. The decision That Iain made And the consequences after. As Iain and Ruby attend to a call of a suspected overdose, the ‘frequent flyer’ is found to have made a faux confession of taking a handful of pills. Mia, the young lady in question is by Ruby’s admissions fragile, and when Iain responses to a call involving Alicia, equally meaning they leave Mia after her passing all the test, Ruby is Sceptical to leave, after Mia admits she is worried about her thoughts. As the episode comes back to the present time. Ruby had every right to express her concerns as Mia attempts to take her own life.

Falling from a bridge over the motorway, Iain is forced to swerve, causing the Ambulance to over turn and a multi vehicle accident pileup to endeavour. As Iain, exits the ambulance and accesses the scene and patients around him, realisation hits as he realises exactly who, the victim of the suicide was. The contents of the episode at the scene focus’ on Iain as he tries to come to terms with the consequences of his earlier decision.

Back at the hospital, he later shows his guilt as he accuses the Doctors in resus of ‘giving up’, after Mia becomes the first fatality of the night.

Back at the scene, Ruby is forced to step away from the protocol and make an emergency elbow reduction as she and Alicia remain trapped in the back of the ambulance. With Alicia still losing a lot of blood from her earlier injuries. As a major incident is declared back at the ED, news of Iain, Ruby and Alicia’s involvement in the accident spreads, leaving both Sam and Ethan, increasingly worried. The episode saw another Stellar performance from Chelsea Halfpenny, as Alicia faces the pain and ordeal of her injuries.

With Ethan in anguish following the revelation of Alicia’s ordeal at the hands of Eddie. Duffy is on hand to give a wise pep talk on how he is of best support. For longtime viewers of the show, the scene shows a reflection into Duffy’s character and her own history.

With Duffy’s words remaining in Ethan’s mind, he and Alicia later finally reunite after he apologises for not having been there to support her. The episode also gave a chance for Maddy Hill to shine in her new role of Ruby, as we saw a glimpse of the characters potentially.

As Ruby later takes a few moments to reflect on the day, she also offers superior Jan a huge lead towards her mysterious unknown patient.

With Sam and Iain still at the scene, time is against them as the container that crashed is already compromised, a nearby car fire stacks the odds even further against them and risks the safety of everyone at the scene.

With this episode being one of Casualty’s biggest stunts to date, the drama continued as the tanker exploded. Sending Sam flying into the side window of ambulance. Leading viewers to suspect a head injury may have occurred.

With the adrenaline of the day coursing through her, Sam picks herself up and carries on with her job. Only to leave the audience in distress as she later takes a turn.

 Alone at the ambulance station, Sam makes an attempt to contact Iain to discuss Mia. With no luck, she begins to focus on herself, as the adrenaline wears off, she realises she is in pain, and a revelation is lead to, as Sam realises she is seriously injured.

With Iain eventually finding the missed call, he attempts to track down his colleague, but when he finds her, it’s already too late. With Sam in the back of the stationary ambulance, and suffering from a penetrating wound to her abdomen, the blood loss and possible damage to her liver, leads to a tragic climax.

Begging Iain not to leave her, a vulnerable Sam knows her time is up as she whispers she’s scared and starts to lose consciousness.

Sadly, Episode 1 marked the final episode for actress Charlotte Salt as her alter ego Sam passed away in the arms of her colleague and former lover.

 A Heartbreaking moment, brilliantly portrayed by Charlotte sadly sees viewers wave goodbye to Sam, forever.

 Thank you for reading.

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