Casualty: Series 33, Episode 11

Written by  Jason Sutton    –    Produced by  Jayne Chard    –    Directed by  James Bryce

“Previously on Casualty”
Duffy almost costs a young man his life due to being overworked, which leads Charlie to dismiss her. She soon finds her way to the pub where she meets up with old friend Bill Crowthers, who listens to Duffy as she explains to him her day from hell.
Elsewhere, Jamila invites Rash to the ball, and Iain is still grieving over both Sam and Mia’s deaths…
I think that just about covers it.
Back to the present, as Duffy’s alarm goes off. She finds her bearings, realising she’s woken up in a hotel room. And not alone. A camera pan across the room later and we find out that she’s checked in with Bill…
*Cue titles*
After throwing Bill out of the hotel room, and telling him it was a mistake, Duffy plucks up the courage to leave the hotel herself, but as she’s on her way out, she finds herself drawn back in when she is alerted to a woman who has been found unconscious in the hotel pool. Of course, Duffy’s kind nature gets the better of her and she runs to help.
Somewhere across Holby, Base is now working for drug dealer Ross, in an attempt to pay off his debts to him. Ross sends Base to fetch Harry, a ‘new recruit’ in a sense.
At the ED, Rash walks in looking incredibly dapper in his Jamila-tailored tux, ready for the medic’s ball. Tension soon builds between Gem and Rash when she sees Jamila with her hands all over him. It’s incredibly obvious that Gem still has feelings for him. After Gem walks out, Ethan’s brain starts ticking and he suggests to Alicia that they get Gem to the ball one way or another.
There is a lovely moment when Ethan suggests they should be matchmakers, to which Alicia presumes he means the two of them. It may be a little moment, but it strengthens their relationship.

Back at the pool, Duffy’s successful mouth to mouth on Naima brings her back round, just as paramedics Iain and Ruby arrive. Ruby immediately questions Duffy about her being at the hotel, to which Duffy lies and says she was at a meeting. When she returns to the hospital, Charlie apologises for treating her badly the day before, but something is still not quite right. Upon changing into her scrubs Duffy promptly deletes all messages from Bill.

At the meth lab, Base answers back to Ross when he’s asked to do something for him, causing Ross to push base into some flasks, which smash, releasing dangerous chemicals into the air. Harry enters the room and goes to light his cigarette, and the whole place goes up in flames.
Iain and Ruby receive word of a fire, shortly after Base calls Iain, but there’s no answer when he picks up. Upon arriving at the meth lab, Ross makes a swift exit in his car, and Iain darts into the building donning a gas mask and protective gloves.

Back at the ED, Rash wonders what could have caused Naima’s loss of consciousness, and runs it past Jamila. As the two are talking, Gem purposely hits her with a laundry trolley. Jamila sees an opportunity to humiliate her and unnecessarily teases her about the medic’s ball, much to Gem’s displeasure, leading to her storming away.
Iain, now inside the burning building manages to rescue both Harry and Base from the flames, and takes a moment to ponder, removing his gas mask and sitting, letting the flames swirl around him. When he returns to the ambulance outside, he receives a stern word from boss Jan about never doing that again.
With Ethan and Alicia playing matchmaker it was only a matter of time before they got Gem and Rash together… only this time it’s in a cupboard, where Alicia proudly gives Gem her dress and ticket for the ball. However, Jamila, like a predator, is soon clocking on to what’s going on, and barges into the storeroom, just as Gem and Rash are finally reconciling. And Rash being Rash, spills a hot coffee all over Gem, putting him back on square one.
Meanwhile, Lousie tells David how miffed she is that not only has she not been paid on time, but that her new band 6 post has given her an incredible pay rise of…
…£25 per month.

In the staff room, Duffy and Charlie get to talk, as he enquires more about her stay at the hotel, particularly the pool, with an image I don’t think any of us are going to be able to shake from our heads anytime soon. Duffy soon breaks down, and their conversation folds into a hug.
After Iain is checked over it seems as though half of the staff come over one by one to tell him one of two things. “You’re so brave” or “You’re an idiot”. But Iain stands firm, particularly with Jan, that he made a judgement call, and it has to have been the right one as everyone got out alive.

Charlie, obviously still not convinced by his wife’s story decides to root through her phone looking for any signs that she might be lying. And he finds some. After telling Charlie earlier that she just happened to find herself at the hotel after taking a long walk to think, he finds a map route that shows how to get from the pub Duffy met Bill in, to the hotel she ended up in that night.
On her break, Duffy sees Bill sat outside of the main entrance and decides to approach him. She tells him that it should never have happened, that it won’t be happening again, and that she never wants him to contact her again.

Inside, Iain gives Base the wake-up call that he severely needs when he takes him to see Harry who, after the fire has full thickness burns to his face and hands.
As Duffy looks for her phone, Charlie gives it to her, and apologises for not being there for her in the past few months.
Alicia and Ethan escort Gem to the ball, but she is now having second thoughts after seeing how posh the venue is. Meanwhile Iain tells Ruby and Jan that he is still struggling after the crash and Sam’s death. But he tells them that he will get there, in time, and asks for their support.

After a short conversation with Jamila, Rash runs away (who wouldn’t). He’s finally realised where his priorities lie and finds himself with Gem, who has gone to a cafe to eat as much as possible to avoid intoxication. As Jamila watches from outside, Rash tells Gem the truth about why he ran to the bathroom to be sick when they were together, and it’s such a wonderfully cute scene, that would absolutely never happen in real life, but it’s so lovely that you forget about it.
Gem takes Rash home with her, leaving Ethan and Alicia in the cafe. And finally, finally(!) we get a proper kiss from them before they head off for pizza (for starters).
The final scene of the episode is a distressed Iain, who is still grieving, and feels lost in his own world.
This episode offered a great deal of development for all main cast, however I feel as though the guest cast could have been utilised more. But for the content we got with them, I’m very satisfied.

I’d give this episode an overall rating of 7/10


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