This week saw Charlie and Duffy together for the first time on screen since their split. Charlie agrees to keep quiet that they’ve split for Duffy’s sake, however, when a handmade Doily from Robyn is handed off to him and he throws it away he has to decide whether or not he tells his friend the truth or cover for Duffy when Robyn questions him over it after finding it in the bin . Charlie tells Robyn that him and Duffy didn’t work out and while doing so he ends up being comforted.

We also see Marty struggling to prove himself to an unamused Louise however he believes that it is due to Jade constantly getting him into trouble. When he tells Jade that he no longer thinks they should hang around with her because she gets him into trouble understandably she doesn’t react well tells him if he thinks his job is more important to him than his friends that he isn’t worth knowing. Louise then points out Jade isn’t the reason Marty hasn’t got her approval and that its actually his effort towards patients which is the issue. when Marty returns home he finds a party going on in his home he then finds out his new flatmate is Jade.

Elle has been covering for Connie while she’s been away on holiday and has earned her self the nickname of Connie’s evil minion. She has begun to dress and even act like Connie in the hopes to get a little authority over the team but as we all know their is only one Mrs Beauchamp.

Ian continues to struggle when Baz and him celebrate his wife’s birthday he starts a fight in a bar and gets admitted to the ED he then begins to tell Baz how selfish his wife was by taking others with her when she died. Will Ian have thrown away the one person who was willing to help him?