This weeks episode we saw Duffy struggling to carry on with her still undiagnosed illness she spends the episode have massive mood swings when she refuses to help Marty and Jade this leads to Marty attempting to clean a patients wound un supervised.

Robyn didn’t keep the fact that Charlie and Duffy broke up very long when Duffy finds out that her private life is the gossip of the ED she doesn’t react well and she tells Robyn about how she slept with somebody else and that she ruined they’re relationship Robyn then has a negative view of her.

When a young patient turns up at the ED with a head wound then faints Marty treats the patient however he keeps on passing out they then discover he has only been having smoothies for breakfast when marty is cleaning up the wound the boy begns to loose a lot of blood very quickly and then passes out however Marty hasnt put the guard rail up meaning the patient could have fallen out of the bed it later turns out that the mom has been putting weight loss drugs into the smoothies causing the son to become ill.

Ethan and Alicia deal with a difficult case of a mother who has a dangerous delivery as she is suffering from sepsis which they believe may have been passed on to the Baby however when the mother ups and leaves with the child and its health worsen meaning Alicia has to perform a risky procedure however she realises that Ethan doesnt really trust her judgment she tell him that hes still sees her as the f2 he first met when she is no longer that person

Ruby and Ian are back working together and they discuss theyre kiss and decide that it meant nothing to either of them