When Ian and Ruby are called to a patient which has barbed wire wrapped around his leg little do they know they are stepping into a life and death scenario. They arrive on the scene to find a man who is agitated they had to keep him from pulling the wire out. Then they discover the man has run himself into debt and his farm is about to be repossessed the patient pulls the wire out then runs into the house Ian and Ruby follow only of the patient to aim a gun at them. Ian and Ruby try to calm the man down however one of the men trying to repossess the house gets shot the patient eventually calms down but fires all the bullets except one which Ian removes from the gun and hides he then manages to manipulate Ruby into thinking she had got the maths wrong.

Ernest returns to the hospital as requested by Louise he is diagnosed with an aneurism which he needs operating on but the snooty consultant refuses to operate as Ernest is homeless however louise tells the consultant that she has organised for him to stay with his sister when really she is going to allow him to stay with her.

Base is back and he’s been offered a job interview but when his old dealer turns up and offers him a little favor when base takes it and overdoses lucky Ian is there to help however when the dealer is still in the house Ian and his end up in a scuffle and the dealer ends up hitting his head and is unconcious