This weeks episode carried on from last weeks with the storyline involving Ian the Ambulance turns up a short while after Ian punches bases drug dealer but when Jan realises its her son her judgement is blinded. When Ross eventually comes round in the hospital he tells Jan that Ian had been intimidating Base and that it was Ian that hit him. Jan and her son clearly have had their issues but she seems to be blinded by her sons lies and ends up handing Ian in. Ian try’s to convince the police that he did it in self defence but as Base has died they have no proof as to what happened however when Ross collapses and they find drugs in his system Jan finally sees her son for who he really is she goes to the police and manages to get Ian of and apologises to him.

Louise once again has a shift where she sees the difficulties of being a nurse. She sees this when jade treats a patient who turns violent and bites her drawing blood the proceeds to throw urine over her.

Ethan is out running when he hears a woman screaming she has fallen of her horse and hurt her leg. Ethan is his usual awkward self and asks her if she can feel him touching her right foot to which she replies that she had an amputation to the knee ten weeks ago. we see Ethan challenged to be honest hen the patient is told a difficult truth that she will have to do physio all over againg however she takes it well and ispire ethan to lead his own life and look forward tot he future leading ethan to delete alicias number