This week was an emotional week for casualty fans but I’m not going to rip that bandage off just yet.

The episode began with Louise’s new initiative to keep her nurses safe by using body cameras which they can activate when they seem threatened however Connie voices her concerns on the issue about how the cameras possibly causing patients to hide information in the fear of it coming out. Despite this Louise is still insistent that this time will be diffrent.

A baby who was nearly ran over by a car is admitted as he bumped his head however his symptoms keep on changing we then discover that the mother is the carrier of a disease which slows down clotting when Connie originally asks the mother doesn’t share this information due to the cameras. When Connie again asks about medical history in front of the father she again denies any Medical history. When the tests coe back all pointing towards the disease the dad reveals that the mom is the carrier however states that it is impossible for the baby to have it as the father doesnt. the mother eventually opens up and admits that the baby isnt the dads.

Ernests operation is cancelled for an emergency which angers Louise but theres nlping the situation when the ED is full of patients however louise manages to geother slot which is again taken. Then Ernest detriates so Louise calls his daughter wish he had asked her to do if he didnt make it out of surgery the daughter and ernest hadnt spoken in nine years she starts of angry and eventually ends up ofrgiving her father but when he heads to surgery his anurism burst and he is beyong saving. Connie ends up declaring him dead despite louises insistance to carry on

Connie pushes rash to make a decision about his future in Medicine however this is hard for rash as he is so used to his mother answering these sorts of things for him he originally turns to gem then to Connie who tells him its his decision. Rash doesn’t end up making a decision instead him and Gem are going to go travelling.

Now to the bit that has had casualty fans on edge all week.[yes im going to rip the bandage off now] Connie is heading up the stairs when an unknown assailant follows her a violently throws her down the stairs and repeatedly kicks her then leaves her lay there. (sorry Connie fans)