This weeks episode is part one the much anticipated Casualty and Holby City crossover which is the first time in 14 years the shows have officially crossed.

The episode starts with the staff in resus realising that their is an issue with the monitors they are showing that the patients are in VF when they are actually fine. The senior members of staff are all called in this includes Connie Beauchamp, Ric Griffin, Jac Naylor, Adrian Fletcher and Serena Campbell who all end up in the same lift where Henrik Hanssen is waiting for them to update them on what is causing the issues which is effecting the whole hospital aswell as other hospitals.

The Hospital has been affected by a virus which has been let into the system by a member of staff the virus is progressive and means that patient files and admission records are no longer controllable by the staff meaning they have to treat patients based on the information the patient gives them aswell as some of their equipment also being unusable.

It wouldn’t be a casualty special if one of the members of staff wasn’t involved in some big story line this time we have Iain Dean and Holby City’sSacha Levy are the ones in danger. Iain is found unconscious by Ruby and is rushed to the ED however they don’t actually know what is wrong with him all they know originally is that hes is unconscious and keeps arresting. Gem is determined that Ian wouldnt take his own life and is insistent that Ruby knows nothign about him. Connie has to try and treat Ian with out actually knowing what is wrong with him Ruby returns back to Ians house to try and find eveidence of an overdose however Ian had tried to make sure that nobody woukd figure out what he had done and so hid the tablet bottles in the neighbours bins however a resourceful Ruby manages to find them. She rushes the bottles to the ED and manages to get there just before connies injects him withn more drugs in order to operate. Despite gems attempts to stop her Connie reaches the same conclusion as Ruby and trys to counteract the drugs however they realise that Ian had a collection of blood on his heart which is caused by connies vigarous attempts at cpr. Ian is rushed to the trauma theatre which due to technical glitches caused by the virus means that the electronic doors wont open she has to phone Jac Naylor and use her theatre.

Sacha Levy and his daughter Beckha are in a pharmacy where they run into Darla Griffin buying a pregnancy test she hides the test in Bekhas bag and Sacha offers her a lift to school. on the journey Sacha sees the tests and becomes distracted from driving misses a turning and ends up crashing Darla and Sacha appear to have only minor injuries however Bekha is trapped with an open fracture and dislocated shoulder. Elle is sent to the site to help out as she is getting under connies feet. when theyhave extracted Bekha from the car she is rushed onto AAU as thier isnt any room in resus where Dylan puuts her leg back in place.

At the end of the episode Ian is on his way to the operation however connies left the emergency pack with Gem as the lift suddenly stops will Ian make it until they open the lift.

Find out on the 5th of march at 8 o’clock on BBC one