In the aftermath of crossover episodes we see Ian waking up from his sedative. Despite being shut out by Ian Gem is determined to be there for him and him. Iain doesn’t want to see anyone which angers Gem even more.

Gem decides she is better of going back to work but is clearly still bothered by Ian and she takes it out on a patient when the two collide in the corridor however on the way home from the hospital the patient ends up confronting a man after he believes to see hi threaten another passenger on the bus however the situation isn’t as it seems the meant end up falling onto one another and one is impaled by the knife. Both being admitted into hospital both gem and the patient both realise that they are both struggling the man had battled bowel cancer and was scared it had come back and Gem was struggling to accept Iain’s attempt at his own life.

Ruby struggles with the guilt on Iain’s death and Jan tells her that if any one should be responsible its Jan. Ruby and Jan meet a young carer who has given up her life to treat her mother. Ruby comforts her when her mother passes