This weeks Casualty began Rash was looking at pictures on his laptop ready for his new adventure however the scene soon turned to panic when his mom knocked on his door and he started to hide his and Gemma’s passport in a padlocked box. Rash’s mom was later admitted to the ED after collapsing from an Angina attack. Rash found out that his mom knew the passcode (her date of birth) to the box and all about his plans to travel. Rash’s mom wanted him to go somewhere, where he would have his family close by however Gem convinced her to let him go.


Rash wasn’t allowed to treat his Mom so took the case of Mina Bartram to stay close to her. Mina had a sustained head wound after collapsing. Rash later found out Mina was having a drug withdrawal and treated her. She later discharged herself.

Meanwhile Elle had a mischievous smile, David thought she was looking at cat videos however she was actually smiling at an email saying that she’d got an interview at ‘The Royal’ for a promotion as their Clinical Lead. They had noticed increased stats she produced whilst covering for Connie and were impressed. Elle wanted to keep the interview a secret she was worried other may have thought she was taking advantage of Connie’s bad luck.

Dr Hudson took over the care of Toby, one of Will’s first patients in the ED who held a grudge against him for not keeping his promise and going to Chemo with him. Archie found out he’d gained an infection from a nipple piercing. She discovered from Haematology that that his Chemotherapy hadn’t worked and there wasn’t any further treatment available for him. Will delivered the sad news too Toby but was determined to help him completed one his rebel list items by bringing his friends to the hospital for a prom.


Duffy opened the new Dementia Cubicle which was their to help reduce patients stress an agitation whilst in the ED and have a ‘home from home’ feel to it. Charlie (struggling with Duffy’s diagnosis) had a box of old picture’s in his office from their old times together and gave them to Duffy for the cubicle.