The episode started with Iain, it showed a continuation of his progress, it was still a rough road for him, he listened to mediation however he got frustrated with it and ended up running out the house and back to the Ambulance Station (yay!) to take his mind off his thoughts.

Duffy’s day didn’t get off to the best of starts. She was seen walking through the ED taking a phone call about her boiler being broken, Charlie over heard and offered her Coffee (and the last blueberry muffin) as a peace offering, Duffy turned it down. Charlie just wanted to talk but Duffy said she didn’t think there was anything left to talk about.

In the Ambulance Department staff room Iain was making a drink, he’d received a text from Gem asking what happened to his lift and if he was already at work. He ignored the messages and started to take his tablets. Jan and Ruby entered. Ruby seemed nervous seeing Iain take tablets, he told her not to worry as they were only his anti-depressants.

Elle then got a phone call which made her excited about the job as Clinical Lead she’d been offered the Royal Wilsthire hospital. They wanted her sooner than she thought and she said she’d need the Offer in writing. Jacob over heard the conversation and was excited for Elle but was shocked she’d be leaving so soon. She didn’t want to tell Connie either as she appeared out of sorts understandably from the accident.

Duffy then called everybody around to tell them she bought in a collection box and badges which showed they were a dementia friendly ED. She also said she was going to open up about her dementia more saying that it would help her just as much as it would others. Charlie then apologised to Duffy admitting he didn’t go about dealing with her news in the best way. Duffy said she wanted to get back out ‘on the front line’ and Charlie handed her over a case.

The first patient treated by Duffy was a Katy Hibbard who a 17 year old who was suffering from left lateral flank pain she told Duffy it was from a sparring training but told her dad that she’d fell because he didn’t know about her boxing. The patients dad then donated to the dementia badge collection and started to talk about his Auntie who had dementia and said that ‘it turned her head to mush’. Duffy said this would have been in the later stages and that research was helping people to live with dementia these days. Katie was admitted for an x-ray as Ethan thought she could have dislocated her ribs. Her father then started getting worried about Duffy not having her seen to as a priority in the first place and questioned her still working to Ethan and Charlie. Charlie said he would take over Katie’s care and they’d discuss the issue together with Duffy later. Duffy wasn’t happy with this and told Charlie who defended his actions.

Back at the ambulance station and Ruby was taking good care of Iain but he was reluctant to take the help she offered he just wanted to get back out on duty. He thought it was just going to be him and Ruby out in the ambulance however Jan came along for ‘team building’ much to Iain’s disappoint. Their first patient was a bed bound patient who had a seizure and fell out of his bed. His son tried to catch him but couldn’t and he sustained a bad cut to his head. His son refused treatment

Charlie and reconciled after Duffy opened up about her affair with Bill stating that she felt normal around him but felt like she was Charlie’s patient.