This weeks episode included three main characters Iain (Michael Stevenson), Gem (Rebecca Ryan) and Ruby (Maddy Hill). The episode throughout focused on Iain and highlighted issues of depression, suicide and child abuse.

The episode began where Iain was working as a 999 call handler, his first call was from a Police Officer called Roxy who had been given tip off regarding male’s at a warehouse. When she arrived she discovered them unconscious and it was suspected that they had taken a drug overdose however Iain discovered that the males and the caller were suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and urged the Rox to leave the building as fast as she could. She reluctantly left the building safely and Iain ended the call feeling unsatisfied and annoyed that he couldn’t help further.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 02/04/2019 – Programme Name: Casualty – Series 33 – TX: 27/04/2019 – Episode: Casualty – Series 33 – Ep30 (No. 30) – Picture Shows: Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEPHENSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

The next scenes showed Iain during counselling talking about his medication and his recovery. He held a belief that he couldn’t be cured of his depression by either the medication or the counselling sessions and that he was too deeply broken. The scenes showed a deeper insight to Iain’s thoughts and physical and emotional feelings compared to what would be shown on a normal episode. I felt like this was an accurate reflection on depression you can pass somebody everyday without knowing the battle they’re fighting.

The next scene showed Iain at home with Gem eating dinner Gem cooked him his favourite meal and although he knew Gem was making an effort he couldn’t feel any emotion or gratefulness towards her.

Iain had a breakthrough in the episode when taking a call from a young girl called Frankie who was wiser than her years. Her and her sister Storm were trapped in a house fire fire and their dad had fallen down the stairs and was unconscious. Their father was suspected to have been drinking and later in the call it was revealed that her father had been abusing her. The call ended and Iain felt sad for Frankie so got brought her a cuddly Unicorn, which he gave to Gem to give her. Gem thought this was a good sign but Iain reminded her that it wasn’t as simple as she was thinking.

Iain returned to his counseller and told her about what happened. His counsellor suggested that the reason he felt so strongly about Frankie was because her situation similar to Iain’s, he was always the grown up for his mom and Gem when he was younger. She also said he mistook admiration for love and that he needed to find a deep sense of belief and self love within. She knew the risks Iain took in his job because she took the same in hers as a Paediatric doctor but she burnt out. She told Iain he needed work with her to know the fear that’s trapped inside of him, dig it out and understand it.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 23/04/2019 – Programme Name: Casualty – Series 33 – TX: 27/04/2019 – Episode: Casualty – Series 33 – Ep30 (No. 30) – Picture Shows: Claire (FRANCES BARBER) – (C) BBC – Photographer: n/a

Iain then went back to the call room where he helped a woman give birth to twins whilst she was in her car on the motorway. It was touch and go for one of the babies and Iain had to instruct the other passenger how to give CPR to one of the twins as they’d stopped breathing. The twin was saved and the whole centre celebrated Iain’s success and the birth of the babies.

Iain was then awoken by a worried Gem, they had a heart to hear and Iain revealed he was starting to have feelings again and that he was scared. Gem comforted him.

Back at the call centre and Iain received a shock when he found out that the Officer from earlier in the episode was on the side of a bridge and wanted to jump. Iain spoke to her and found out that she was fired from her job because she went to the tip off alone which meant the whole operation was a jeopardised. Iain eventually managed to talk Rox down.

At the end of the episode Iain met Frankie the girl who he helped during the house fire. Gem said she wouldn’t leave Holby without meeting Iain. She said her and her sister were ok thanks to him and were back with their mom. Iain was really pleased and the episode ended where he gave Frankie a hug.