Casualty: Series 33, Episode 36


Series 33, Episode 36 airs Saturday 25th May at 21:10 on BBC One.

Elle leaves Holby ED with her head held high. Ruby tries to put her foot down with Dani, and Jacob makes a shocking discovery involving his mum.

On her last day in the ED, Hanssen congratulates Elle on her new job – but let’s slip that Connie was involved in her job offer. Hurt she may not have got the job on her own merit, Elle confronts Connie to ask if she simply gave a glowing reference to get her out of the ED.

Connie denies the allegations, but having noticed that she has been locking herself in her office and hasn’t performed a single procedure since her attack, Elle’s suspicions are piqued. Connie is clearly still scared of another attack.

Ruby continues to hide the truth about Dani from her team, but after confronting her about her missing stethoscope, Ruby sees through Dani’s lies orders her to stay away.

Recognising Omo’s name on pills that a patient Marc was taking, David lets Jacob know. Jacob confronts Marc and learns that a young woman called Jet was selling Omo’s pills in a pub.