Series 33, Episode 46 airs Saturday 10th August at 20:40 on BBC One.

The walls start to close in on Connie as Hanssen comes close to uncovering her secret addiction. Connie is forced to choose between her secret and saving lives. Can a close friend forgive Connie, or will they show her the door?

Iain takes new emergency care assistant Siobhan under his wing, but soon learns she’s not respecting the rules of the job. The extent of Siobhan’s struggles become clear when her dad is brought into the hospital.

Under pressure as the emergency department gets close to capacity, Iain stands up for the patients against Ciaran. Ciaran is outraged but Jan and Ruby come to Iain’s defence.

When runaway Shanti tries to scam Duffy by running in front of her car, Charlie questions Duffy’s memory of events. Trusting her instincts, Duffy decides that she may be able to help Shanti after all.