Casualty’s thirty third series is well and truly over, we saw many great storylines, arrivals and departures in this series.

Arrivals and Departures

Charlotte Salt as Sam Nicholls

1. Death of Sam Nicholls (Episode 1)

To kick of the series, fan favorite who returned to the ED in September 2017 was killed off, as the paramedic was injured by shrapnel from an exploding gas tanker.

2. Arrival of 2 Student Nurses (Episode 12 & 13)

Jade & Marty
(L-R) Gabriella Leon as Jade Lovell & Shaheen Jafargholi as Marty Kirkby

Casualty viewers met two new arrivals to the Emergency Department, the first being Student Nurse Jade Lovell who first appeared in episode 12. She was later promoted to a Staff Nurse after passing her nursing exams.

Marty Kirkby also a Student Nurse arrived in episode 13, fans learnt a lot about Marty one thing being that he is gay, he’s asthmatic and his cousin works at the same hospital.

3. Alicia Munroe leaves the ED (Episode 20)

Chelsea Halfpenny as Alicia Munroe

Alicia was the second staff member to leave Holby City’s Emergency Department. After a traumatic experience towards the end of Series 32 and the opening of Series 33, Alicia left the ED to start a new life.

She applied for a post of a Paediatric fellowship, she accepted the job in Manchester leaving Ethan behind in Holby.

Azuka Oforka as Louise Tyler

4. Louise Tyler leaves the ED (Episode 24)

Senior Staff Nurse Louise Tyler left Holby City’s Emergency Department after 7 years at the hospital. Louise became too involved with a patient (Ernest). The ED staff were unable to save his life, Louise handed in her resignation.

5. Two new Registrars join (Episode 28 & 29)

(L-R) Jack Nolan as Will Noble & Genesis Lynea as Archie Hudson

Archie Hudson first appeared in episode 28, she was the first new registrar in Holby’s ED. Archie previously worked in Ostwyn ED but they let her go due to disagreements with the CEO. She joined the ED wanting to work with the fantastic Mrs Beauchamp.

Will Noble joined the team in episode 29 as a locum registrar, Will later got a full time position at the ED becoming a Consultant. He got the job over fellow registrar Archie who was eager to get the Consultant post.

6. Rashid Masum goes travelling (Episode 32)

Neet Mohan as Dr Rashid Masum ©BBC
Neet Mohan as Rashid ‘Rash’ Masum

Foundation Year 1 junior doctor, Rashid Masum wanted to take a break after completing his first year of a junior doctor. He decided to leave the ED to go travelling with his girlfriend Gem Dean. Apart from she didn’t go with him. A worried Gem stayed in the ED after her brother Iain tried to overdose.

Rash still went ahead and went travelling leaving his colleagues and Gem behind in Holby.

7. Elle Gardner leaves (Episode 36)

Jaye Griffiths as Elle Gardner

Consultant Elle Gardner became the acting Clinical Lead in Connie’s absence when she went to the U.S to visit her daughter.

Later throughout the series, Elle was sent to an accident involving Holby City’s Consultant General Surgeon, Sacha Levy. It was also revealed that Elle was seeing Ric Griffin.

Elle left Holby City ED in May 2019, after being offered the position of Clinical Lead at another hospitals Emergency Department.

8. New porter Rosa Cadenas joins (Episode 44)

Jacey Sallés as Rosa Cadenas

The ED welcomed new porter Rosa, she ruffled David on her first day, when she repaired his car tyres, even though he called out a mechanic.

Rosa is the kind of porter who likes to get involved in situations that does not concern her, she dealt with a young girl who shot her brother with a air-gun.

9. Gemma Dean meets Rash travelling (Episode 46)

Rebecca Ryan as Gemma Dean

With Rash leaving to go travelling earlier on in the series, Gemma decides it’s time to meet him after Iain gave her the go ahead at he couldn’t stand the thought that she is unhappy.

Iain transferred the money into her account to get the tickets for her flight.

10. Mrs Beauchamp departs the ED (Episode 46)

Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp

After an emotional time with being pushed and attacked down the stairs, Connie gets addicted to Diazepam to help her get through the day.

A frightened and anxious Connie began to make mistakes that lead to nurse Duffy to believe she mixed up the two syringes, and almost killed a patient. Connie also blamed Archie for making mistakes when treating patients. With Ciaran and Archie keeping an eye on the clinical lead, Connie is aware that they are after her to make mistakes.

In the series finale, Connie opens up to Charlie about the addiction and mistakes she has been making, ad for pointing the finger to Duffy to make her believe it was her fault that a patient almost died. An angry Charlie tells her to go.

Top 3 Storylines of Series 33

1. Iain’s Depression & Holby City Crossover

Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean

One of the three main storylines through the thirty third series of Casualty, is paramedic Iain Dean’s depression.

The depression storyline started when a frequent caller jumps off a bridge, which lead to her death. But it all kicked off when his colleague Sam Nicholls died.

Casualty and Holby City fans were treated to a two part special crossover, with the first episode that aired on the Saturday saw paramedic Iain Dean brought in after his overdose. And the second part being set on the wards seeing Iain being operated on.

After his recovery he had to seek support from a shrink, and was offered a job as a 999 call handler. This is when Iain starts to come to terms about talking about his feelings, when he talks to a police officer who is about to commit suicide.

“Well, I’m not going to lie, Rox. The pain won’t just go away. You have to get out and face it. You can make it smaller day by day, but you’ve got to stop hiding, Rox, because there is no quick fix, but there will be help. I will help you, and I’ll help you find the right help. I want you around tomorrow, Rox, do you hear me? Now please, please just come off the bridge.”

– Iain Dean

2. Duffy’s Dementia

Cathy Shipton as Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin

It’s been a tough time for Sister Duffy, after being diagnosed with Dementia by her GP. Having had an affair and not on talking grounds with her husband Charlie, Duffy was initially left to face her new diagnosis by herself.

As Charlie is her boss, Duffy found the need to inform him of the news. He wanted to hide the news from the rest of the staff. When her illness worsened Charlie decided to put Duffy on admin duties. With David trying to get to the bottom of why he is putting a senior nurse on admin duties when they are short staffed, this was the beginning of the ED finding out the truth.

Duffy carried on with treating patients even though her memory was going. Towards the end of the series Duffy resigned from her position as she was lead to believe that it was her fault that a patient almost died.

3. Connie’s Attack & Addiction

Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp

Earlier in the series the Lead Consultant, Connie Beauchamp was attacked on the stairs, at first it was unknown as to who done this to her.

It was revealed a few weeks later that it was someone called Bill, his wife was admitted in 2017 and later passed away. Bill told Connie that he hated her, and he doesn’t regret attacking her.

Even though Connie then knew who attacked her, she was still anxious and frightened in case it happened again. Connie turned to Diazepam, she later got addicted to this drug that helped her feel at ease. With the CEO noticing that the ED are prescribing a lot of that particular drug, Hanssen puts in place a rule where there has to be two signatures on the form. This forced Connie to go to a local pharmacy where she and Archie was held hostage, Connie admitted to Charlie about her addiction in the series finale and left the ED to recover and seek advice.

Casualty Series 34 starts this Saturday 17 August.