Tonight (June 11) viewers witnessed Big Mac leave the ED. Charles Dale joined Casualty on 24 November 2007 as Mackenzie Chalker aka Big Mac. Over the past 8 years Big Mac has taken on many job roles in the ED from being a Porter until October 2013, then a emergency care assistant until November 2014 before becoming a healthcare assistant until present.

Big Mac is a veteran of the Falklands War of 1982, where many of his fellow soldiers were killed while he survived. This has led to him experiencing intense feelings of guilt and sensitivity over the years when certain cases have been put in front of him.

Mac has had some budding friendships over the years especially with Noel Garcia and Louise Tyler. These friendships have played a major part in some on the storylines Big Mac has had over the years. When in September 2012 Mac was part of a big storyline which saw him suffer a major heart attack, which Mac survived and gave Mac a new lease of life. In March 2014 Mac was held hostage along with Iain and attacked by one of Iain former army colleagues, Kenny Archer. Then in November 2014 following the death of Jeff Collier Mac asked to be transferred back to the ED to become a healthcare assistant as he couldn’t cope getting into the ambulance every day without Jeff. Big Mac next major storyline kicked off in January 2016 when Noel was attacked when Mac was in the toilet. When Mac came out and saw what was happening he went back to hide in the toilets. When Noel recovered he was under the impression Mac helped him, however it later came out that Mac wasn’t Noel’s hero and due to all the lies Noel put a end to their friendship and moved out. However the ED staff got annoyed with how the pair were dealing with the separation of their friendship and decided to lock them in a room till they sorted it out. During all of this however Big Mac was still in contact with Mercedes, the girl who attacked Noel, which doesn’t help the situation. Meanwhile Mac is still struggling with the injury he sustained then hiding in the toilets and after losing his pain medication starts steeling pharmacy pills. When the pharmacy reports a stock inconsistency and the suspicion of theft is raised, Mac can’t give in to Mercedes’ demands with security so tight around the drugs, and feels trapped. He tearfully confesses his guilt to Noel, who promises to support him.

However over the past weeks Big Mac has gone back to taking more medication this time from a patient and this has raised the suspicion in the ED and upstairs. Charlie offers to help Big Mac by taking the pills off him and looking after them whilst he gets some help, however Elle spots them in Charlie locker and accuses Charlie leading to Charlie being suspended as he wouldn’t give up the name of who it really is.

We know Big Mac will be missed and everyone at Entirely Holby would like to wish Charles Dale the very best for the future and hope we see him on on TV scenes very soon.

Charles will be reprising his role as Big Mac as a guest stint for the 30th anniversary episode later this year.