Played by Derek Thompson

06/09/1986 (S1 E1)

Senior Charge Nurse & Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Charlie is the ED’s resident nurse, having worked there for over 30 years. Despite having been in the job for so long, Charlie still shows commitment and dedication, even in the toughest of times.

In the start of his career, Charlie entered a relationship with Baz, a doctor in the ED. They later had a son named Louis and married in the 90s. However, they later broke up, and Baz died several years later, leaving Charlie as Louis’ sole carer. Since then, Charlie has taken it upon himself to support Louis through everything, even travelling to Romania with Connie in 2015 to rescue him.

Charlie suffered a heart attack at Zoe and Max’s wedding later that year, and took two months off work to recover. Since then, Charlie has focused his efforts on helping his colleagues, forming particularly close bonds with Cal, Ethan and Connie.

Previous Positions:
Band 5 Staff Nurse (1972−86)
Charge Nurse (1986−2003)
Clinical Nurse Manager (1991-2001, 2002-04, 2018-2020)
Clinical Nurse Specialist (2001-04)
Emergency Nurse Practitioner (2005-)

Family: Lisa Duffin (wife), Louis Fairhead (son)