Played by​ Tina Hobley

05/06/2001 (S3 E30)

19/11/2013 (S16 E6)

Ward Sister

Sexy and professional, glamorous Chrissie had to re-imagine herself with the birth of her son Daniel, relinquishing her colourful love life for motherhood. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, yet at the core of this the no-nonsense ward sister’s world is a girlish belief in the fairytale.

Previous Positions:

  • AAU Ward Sister
  • Clinical Matron
  • Darwin Ward Sister
  • Nurse Consultant


  • Was briefly married to Owen.
  • Her brother is Mark.
  • Her real father is Mark’s father.
  • Mother, Tricia, died following a car crash.
  • Lost her baby, Amanda, hours after she was born.
  • Her nickname at her last hospital was Cruella De Ville.
  • Has a son, Daniel by Sacha.