Played by Amanda Mealing

First Appearance:
26/12/2004 (S19 E17)

29/03/2014 (S28 E31)

Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Connie Beauchamp was one of Holby’s finest cardiothoracic surgeons when she worked on the hospital’s Darwin ward. However, since moving down to the ED as Clinical Lead she’s put in long hours and dedication to ensure the ED prospers too. It’s not been an easy struggle for Connie and she’s fought to get where she is today with her roots in Peckham.

Not the easiest to work with, Connie has had to make sacrifices in friendships on her way up the ladder, most recently with Rita Freeman whom ultimately framed Connie for murder in 2015. Since the arrival of Elle Gardner and Rita’s departure, Connie has focused her energy on Elle, growing ever suspicious that she’s out for her role as Clinical Lead.

In her first year of working in the department, she struggled to balance her career and spending time with her daughter, Grace. The arrival of Jacob Masters in 2015 ultimately came between Connie and her daughter once again. However, when she’d finally accepted their relationship, her and Connie were involved in a near-fatal car accident which turned Connie cold towards the rest of the staff once again.


  • Connie has a daughter called Grace
  • She joined the ED 29/03/2014 (S28 E31)
  • Connie had a battle with cancer
  • She has had romances with Sam Strachan, Jacob Masters and a fling with Ethan Hardy.
  • Connie took a break from the duties on the 10/08/2019 (S33 E46) before returning on the 04/01/2020 (S34 E18)