Played by Jason Durr

30/04/2016 (S30 E33)

Band 5 Staff Nurse

David joined Holby ED in April 2016 when he was deemed fit to return to work by the department of work and pensions. David is quiet and shy, and often avoids conversation if he can. Around 10 years before he joined Holby, his wife Rosa gave birth to a son named Ollie. However, at some point before 2014 David ran off to Mexico with his new girlfriend and Ollie, which led to their divorce.

Since joining Holby, David has developed a friendship with Robyn and Dylan. They’ve both supported him through his difficult times, including saying goodbye to Ollie and suffering from his bipolar. When David stopped taking his medication in March 2017, he ended up going on a drive with Robyn and she was forced to give birth in a graveyard. This put a barrier between them, but she soon realised that he was ill and they began to mend their friendship.

Family: Oliver Hide (son)